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Give Us Our Land Back

We are a citizens' coalition petitioning the US Congress to return title and jurisdiction over Federal lands in Oregon to the Counties of Oregon. You are sincerely invited to read the Petition to De-Federalize Oregon Lands [here] and to sign it [here].

Our Lands - Give Us Our Land Back

Dear Fellow Citizen,

We are residents of Oregon (and other states), and we are respectfully requesting that our Sister States, through the U.S. Congress, return ownership of Federal lands within Oregon to the Counties of Oregon.

The Federal Government is trustee of 53% of the landbase of Oregon, and they have violated that trust exceedingly.

The Federal Government has denied the rights of Oregonians to care for and steward our own forests, watersheds and rangelands; imposed fees and duties on us for use of our own public lands; erected locked gates and refused entry to the People of Oregon into our own public lands; burned vast tracts, incinerating the wealth of Oregon; destroyed our wildlife; polluted our air and water; fouled our streams; introduced exotic pests -- and in so doing our homes, businesses and communities have become bankrupted, our schools, roads and public safety have been threatened, and our economy has been crippled.

The best stewardship arises from local ownership and jurisdiction. We residents of Oregon know our environment, appreciate and understand our watersheds, forests, and rangelands, and wish to assume responsibility for our own environment -- which is our birthright, heritage, and legacy to future generations.

Oregon is not a colony. We are a state with the same rights, responsibilities, and equal footing with every other state in the Union. We swear allegiance to the United States and our representative and republican form of government, founded on the principle that governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed.

We suffer directly the effects of Federal mismanagement of our own watersheds, and we no longer consent to such, or to the abrogation of our unalienable rights as free people.

In order to rectify this untenable situation, we have prepared a petition to the U.S. Congress, respectfully requesting redress of our grievances by returning ownership of our public lands to the Counties of Oregon.

Our Lands - Give Us Our Land Back

Further discussion and explanation of the Petition may be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page [here].

Read the latest News about reclaiming our land [here], and see our Calendar of Events [here].

We are in the process of drafting bills to be submitted to the U.S. Congress, the Oregon State Legislature, and the Counties of Oregon that will further our goal of local public land ownership and control. See our Legislation page [here].

You can learn more about us and donate to our efforts on our About page [here]. Contact us by email [here].

Thank you very much for your support and your resolve. Stand up for Oregon!